Nature of Kazakhstan through the eyes of Russians

       On September 16, the building of culture and art named after the people's writer of Kazakhstan, laureate of the state prize of Kazakhstan and the Tarlan prize, poet Kadyr Myrza Ali, in the framework of international cooperation in the field of culture and art held an exhibition of unique paintings "nature of Kazakhstan through the eyes of Russians" in Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region.

      The peculiarity of this exhibition is that the drawings are made not by professionals, but by scientists - biologists-ecologists.

      The struggle for the life of different lives, the shots of the red suitcase and the sunset-this is the nature of Western Kazakhstan, shot with the Russians.

     Amateur, Deputy Director of the Samara zoo Alexander Kuzovenko: in the nature of Kazakhstan there are many places where there are no human legs. For example, compared to Russia, the natural environment, which is not destroyed by human hands.

     The exhibition presents about 50 photos of Alessandro, Kuzovenko.

   - "In order to take advantage of the optimal moment and make the best shot, you need a lot of time. My photos, which a lot of time spent on themselves.The most important thing is not to miss the unique moment of nature, " says Alexander.

     In addition to Russian biologists, the exhibition featured works by Kazakh photographers

     This event was attended by 1st year students of the specialty " biology "and 1st year students of the specialty"biology".  They were able to take part in the exhibition of animals and plants in their specialty and get comprehensive answers to their questions.Together with the curator of the group, this exhibition was unique for students who highly appreciated their profession. The group noted that based on the interview with Bakir little Bahadorani, which was very interesting and interesting to the students, was presented to biologists in a most artistic building in the city, first, a sufficient degree of information, and secondly, the spiritual richness and beauty.

     - I really liked this exhibition.We saw a lot of animals, insects. I have a lot of experience at this exhibition. In the near future I also want to become a photographer. I want to take pictures of nature and a variety of animals-says a student Albina kazhgalieva .

     In this life, studying the legacy of Kadyr myrs Ali-Ali, he achieved a very high level. Given the fact that the pedigree, located in the vast Akzhayyk, was officially named the luminous center of culture and art of the city of Uralsk Gauhar tastay. If we know how to die, we know how to say that we can continue the path left by the brother.

     The exhibition, which opened the unknown pages of the great Patriotic war, will last for 1 month.