For 25 years in the fight against corruption! Over the years, our country has managed to preserve memory and balance the shoulder with other countries. How many cloudy days ago and stood on his leg. Ossigeno, M. On natural-geographical faculty of wksu them. Utemisova, September 18, 2016 was held a round table on the theme "Arman! Work! Trust!» Spartakiad. The purpose of the games is to unite students of our faculties, to strengthen friendship, to acquaint students of the 1st year with senior students. It organized various trainings and relay games. There was also a competition "Hello, we are looking for talents". During this competition, 1st year students in a short time performed all their talents, students shared their impressions and showed that in the world of humor is not wider. Our young singers performed a melodious song and continued the evening. 1st year students expressed their wishes to the organizers.

         Moldahanov Murat: this event went great. Activists gathered, to communicate with each other and relatives, games, actions. Such interesting events will be organized in the near future.

         Kairbaeva Gulston Alpamysovna: in this event I participated as organizer. Impressions received from this action are very good. For me it was the only laid bridge to meet new friends. This event was held at a high level, where various interesting trainings and games were played. Thanks to the organizers and staff of the faculty of natural geography for such a great mood.

The future of the country is in the hands of future youth.But to inculcate young people for the better, that is, the older generation has an unlimited contribution.