In 1985, the famous scientist, Professor X.K.Kenjeğulovtıñ (1985-1987), an initiative of the "Computer science and computer engineering" department was formed. Since the founding of the department for the first time as the head of the department to equip students with the quality of the educational methods of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor S.X.Tilewgalïev (1987-1989) hands, and began to prepare for the first computer science teachers. At that time, the first teachers of the department: the senior teachers O.N.Stavkïn M.V.Ïskakov S.J.Jwmaxanov M.K.Atwşeva.


Since 1989, "Computer science and computer science," the head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor G.M.Mïnïws (1989-2002) played. Ways of improving future write-off of the walls of the department "Physics and Informatics", "Mathematics and Computer Science" specialty gained the necessary knowledge base.


In 1995, on the basis of Uralsk Pedagogical Institute named after AS Pushkin Pushkin Humanities and the Department of Physics at the University of the West, that can be integrated into the departments of the economy.


In 2000, due to a change in the structure of the State University of the West of "science" in front of the chair of the department was created.


In 2000-2015, the department heads:


Ï.V.Raspopova a senior lecturer (2003);


D.B.Abwlkasova the candidate of Social Sciences (2003-2004);


Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences A.N.Kwşekkalïev (2004-2005) played;


R.A.Xamzïna teacher (2005-2006)


Ph.D., associate professor A.B.Medeşova (2006-2014)


Texn.ğ.d., professor E.S.Aytalïev (2014)


Since the 2005-2006 academic year, the University of West Kazakhstan State in connection with the adoption of quality and environmental standards on the basis of the department of securities of the QMS documents, the compact was carried out on a regular basis. In addition, the credit system of education that will be taken to deal with this year, has accumulated some experience.


Since 2006, Ph.D. A.B.Medeşova the time served as the head of the department of scientific-research and educational work has improved. Currently, the department has extensive experience in compassionate students and teachers: Ph.D., associate professor A.B.Medeşova, teachers Ğ.G.Mwxambetova S.M.Akïmova M.M.Ïmanğalïev G.Q.Amantwrlïna A.S.Bekenova J.M.Mwratova teachers: A.A.Xamzïna G.Ï.Aymïçeva J.S.Ïksebaeva Z.M.Xïmedenova Ï.N.Pwgaçeva D.J.Tlekkabılova. b. serving.



From 2009-2010 distributed in the Department of Computer Science, Department of Physics and Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and merged into the Department of Education of the Faculty of Education.


Since the 2011-2012 academic year, "Computer" again stood out in front of their own.


 Currently, four of the department Bachelor's programs. They are: 5B011100 "Computer Science" (direction), 5B060200 "Computer Science" (scientific direction), 5B070300 "Information Systems", 5B070400 "Computer hardware and software."


 Modern computer labs, classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboard, online classrooms, electronic reading room, virtual laboratories. The educational-methodical work of the state compulsory education standards and disciplines on the basis of the standard programs are prepared in accordance with the plans and work plans. One of the most important areas of scientific research in the department. Scientific research is carried out by working with teachers and students and teachers will be active in the learning process and the results of: books, textbooks.


               Start a new source of science projects. To contribute to the revitalization of the activities of research and design competence of the department of computer science students to develop their own ideas and initiative prepared by the ideas and projects of scientific conferences, and creative search of ideas and future plans. Of course, such actions as required by the creativity of the society, free and open society that systematically absorbed into the game, formed by citizens to get actively involved in the production. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the students majoring in computer science and Q.Kabïev M.Bayzwllaev present their scientific work to the national competition, won second and third prizes. Those who defend their projects at the national level and are proud of our students, we always.


At present, the central issue is the competent authority. Effective use of information technology in teaching teachers' competence-oriented teaching community that aims to teach the traditional weeks of the year, master classes, projects, debates, training sessions, round-table discussions, student programming competition, intellectual competitions are held.


Schools of the department, the Regional Institute for training and retraining of teachers, city and provincial offices of education, contact the regional information system of secondary education is getting stronger. Currently, the department of computer science Casimir the Great in the city of Bydgoszcz in Poland, Germany, Otto von Guericke, in Russia, in Rostov-on-Don in Russia Kalmyk State University and the Federal Institute of Education Development of the Volga branch of scientific contacts with scientists. Therefore, the academic mobility program for students in vocational educational institutions in order to expand the space for professional and scientific training, has created educational opportunities semester.


The ability to effectively carry out educational work in the learning process, students with high morals, patriotism, diligence, independence, a teacher by training is another element of skill. Tutors students in reading and fun activities in this direction will be in different forms and curatorial hours.


And dedicated to the education and training of science teachers, taking into account the requirements of modern society, their pedagogical knowledge to solve problems and not to the knowledge of advanced technology training and education, to manage the process of education, teaching cases, the student project dedicated to the development and implementation of a competitive, creative Above prepare those amazing wings.