Report on the trip to the lake Chelkar

10 April 2019 the staff of the Department of biology and ecology of natural-geographical faculty (senior lecturer, master Dzhangazieva B. Zh., teachers of masters Kabaeva S. M., Baliguian M. T.), 4th year students of specialties "Biology" and "Ecology" (karabalina Nadir, Kabdualieva ayslu, Kutepov Sultanbek and Mesirow media), together with the senior expert, doctor of natural Sciences from Switzerland Gabriella Kamrad participated in the expedition to the lake Chelkar. Moderator expedition – doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Darbaeva Ie

On lake Chelkar you can really look and admire, look and not see. Like many other lakes in Kazakhstan, Chelkar is rich in fish, it is found bream, carp, tench, perch, pike, catfish and gobies.

In the reed thickets surrounding the lake, there are many waterfowl. This territory is a historically important link between the Old World and the Asian part of the continent. In the South and North lake Chelkar is bordered by hills Sasay and Santos. The second massif is a regional geological and Botanical monument. Features of the territory — the presence of saline and a high degree of mineralization of groundwater.