Career guidance work of the Department of chemistry is carried out according to the plan drawn up for the 2016-2017 academic year. On the basis of the agreement, work continues with the schools of the city of Uralsk № 19, 34, 38, 39 and the schools of Akzhaiksky, zelenovsky, Burlinsky, Kaztalovsky, Taskalinsky, Chingirlau districts.

On the basis of the plan of the Department of chemistry carried out the following works:

- approved the list of responsible teachers of the Department in city and district schools;

- organized a tour for students of urban schools in classrooms and laboratories of the faculty;

- organized a meeting with teachers of urban schools to discuss quality education and teaching chemistry in secondary schools;

- business trip to district schools for the purpose of vocational guidance of pupils and carrying out propaganda works is organized;

- organized and held University and regional competitions for students of urban and rural schools;

- organized a week of "Science", in order to attract students to research work;

- on the basis of the University organized an event "open Day", in order to familiarize with the specialties of the Department and attract students.

In early September, approved a list of teachers of the Department responsible for professional orientation in the specialty "chemistry". For example, in urban schools № 19, 34, 38, 39 responsible was appointed Aseeva G. J., Kubareva R. N.

During the autumn and winter holidays was organized a tour of the classrooms of the faculty and laboratory of ecology and biogeochemistry. This meeting was attended by students and teachers of schools № 38, 28, 1, Lyceum № 35, as well as the gymnasium of aesthetic purpose.

Work with students in urban schools mathematic and natural Sciences, and in specialized classes (Lyceum №35, school-Lyceum 28, SOSH №1, №19, №34, №38). On the basis of teachers of the Department of chemistry (Mendalieva D. K., Cherevatova.K., Seaway G. B.) organized special courses on selected chapters of the following subjects "Inorganic chemistry", "Organic chemistry" "Physical chemistry", "Analytical chemistry". On the basis of special courses preparation for the Olympic games, entrance examinations (UNT in a new format) and scientific projects is carried out.


In December 2016, the lecturer of the Department of chemistry Mukasheva M. took part in the international scientific-practical conference on "Natural-scientific and mathematical education: modern methods and innovations, experience and practical application". The purpose of this conference was to exchange experience among teachers of secondary schools and teachers of higher education institutions. A certificate of participation was issued as a result of the conference.

According to the approved plan was organized departure to the district schools (school № 1 Akzhaik district, school № 2 them.M. Auezova, school № 1 p. Fedorovka), for the purpose of professional orientation work, during which information is provided about the specialties of the University, the modified format of final exams and much more.


Also for the purpose of career guidance on the basis of the University was organized a master class on the organization of classes in multilingual groups. Teachers of city schools were invited to the master class(№17, №16, №28, №38, №34 and others). This master class was attended by a senior lecturer of the Department of chemistry Seifullin B. S. she presented the development of practical training on " chemical utensils and equipment." At the end of this master class, the expert and teachers of the city schools gave comments and recommendations on the development and organization of this class. Positive and negative sides are noted.

Teachers of the Department work in close contact with secondary schools, participate in conferences, symposia, round tables. So, in December 2016, the School-gymnasium №42 "AK niet" was held Republican subject Olympiad, where the Chairman of the jury participated Professor of the Department of chemistry, Prof. D. K. Mendalieva.

In December 2016, on the basis of CTL, a competition of natural science projects (chemistry, ecology, biochemistry) was held, where Professor of the Department of chemistry, Ph. D. Mendaliev, Ph. D. Cherevatova N. took part as experts.K. and teacher S. Seifullina.

Teachers of the Department are constantly acting as reviewers of scientific, educational, scientific and methodological works of teachers of secondary schools, as well as research students of secondary schools including NIS. In 2016, more than 10 such works were reviewed. The peer reviewers were experienced staff (Cherevatova N. To., Stikova G. J., Kubareva, R. N.,) and young teachers (Mukasheva M. M., Lisanova I. V., Utepkalieva G. I.).

Teachers of the Department are often invited as members of the jury and the composition of the competition commissions at the city and regional levels. So, 5-6 January 2017. Professor of the Department of chemistry, Ph. D. Mendaliev, and Ph. D. Cherevatova N. K. they were invited as members of the Commission of the "Presidential Olympiad in chemistry" held in the CDO "Daryn". Responsible for the organization of the experimental part of the Olympics were appointed Seifullin, B. S. (grade 11), I. V. (grade 10), G. I. utepkalieva (grade 9). Participants of the Olympiad were pupils of 9-11 classes (Lyceum №35, KTL, school №34, regional specialized boarding school for gifted children, regional Kazakh boarding school-complex for gifted children № 11 named after S. Seifullin, school-gymnasium "Saulet" p. Taskala). According to the results of the Olympiad participants who took prizes were awarded with diplomas.

February 21, 2017 on the basis of West Kazakhstan state University named after M. Utemisov teachers of the Department of chemistry was held city Olympiad among students of grade 11. Chaired by senior lecturer, master of kubasheva R.N., and the Commission was composed of teachers of the Department Lisanova I. V., Espolov A. J., A. K. Abdurahman

17 schools of the city participated in the Olympiad, among them: №21, №13, №3, №47, №42, №16, №37, №34, №12, №43, № 22, №23, №46, №27. Total number of students participating in the Olympiad – 28 (results Protocol).

In the period from 27 February to 2 March 2017 on the basis of the Republican scientific-practical center "Daryn" organized X regional tournament "the Fifth element", the author of which is doctor of chemistry, Professor Mendalieva D. K., In this tournament involved 23 schools, including: school-gymnasium named after Abay, school Aksai №1, №2, №4, № 11 S. Seifullin, SOSH imeni E. Orakbaev, Zhangalinsky school, KTL, Banska school, school-Lyceum №35, Karatyubinskaya school, Kaindy SOSH, SOSH imeni K. Mendalieva, school №38 named after A. Moldagulova, school Lyceum "Saulet", Syrym SOSH, SOSH imeni K. Myrzaliyev (Protocol).