The work of the branch of the Department of chemistry is carried out according to the plan drawn up for the 2016-2017 academic year. On the basis of the contract continues career guidance work with the schools of the city of Uralsk № 19, 34, 38.39 and schools Akzhaik, zelenovsky, Burlin, Kaztalovsky, Taskalinsky, Chingirlau areas.

On the basis of the work plan of the branch of the Department of chemistry carried out the following works:

- a contract with the city and district secondary schools.

- a schedule of responsible teachers for career guidance for the current academic year;

- professional orientation work with pupils of schools of Uralsk No. 19, 34,38, 39 is carried out;

- collected promotional materials on specialty "Chemistry" and distributed to schools;

- organized meetings with students of urban and rural schools in preparation for the competition of scientific projects, competitions, entrance exams, etc..

- organized work "Sunday school", according to which the schedule of classes in the disciplines of inorganic, physical, analytical, organic chemistry.

Teachers of the Department Mendalieva D. K., Mukasheva M. M. took part in the methodical meeting organized in the city schools № 17, 38, 16, 19 which gave advice on the organization and conduct of scientific projects and their design.


In October, teachers of the Department of chemistry and students of chemical specialties organized a meeting with students of city schools №1, №17, №34, Lyceum № 35, gymnasium of aesthetic direction, which conducted a tour of the classrooms of the faculty, chemical laboratory, and then invited to the event "Dedication to chemistry".

Work with students in urban schools mathematic and natural Sciences, and in specialized classes (Lyceum №35, school-Lyceum 28, SOSH №1, №19, №34, №38).  On the basis of teachers of the Department of chemistry (Mendalieva D. K., Cherevatova.K., Seaway G. B.) organized special courses on selected chapters of the following subjects "Inorganic chemistry", "Organic chemistry" "Physical chemistry", "Analytical chemistry".  On the basis of special courses preparation for the Olympic games, entrance examinations (UNT in a new format) and scientific projects is carried out.