Educational program in the specialty 5B011300-Biology


Дайындық бағыты / Направление подготовки / Direction of training

Білім / Образование / Education

Мамандығы / Специальность / Speciality

5В011300 – Биология

5В011300 – Биология

5В011300 – Biology

Уровень Бакалавриат

Академиялық дәрежесі / Академическая степень / Academic degree

5В011300 «Биология» мамандығы бойынша білім бакалавры

Бакалавр образования по специальности 5В011300 «Биология»

The bachelor of education in speciality 5B011300 «Biology»

Оқу түрі / Форма обучения / Education’s form

күндізгі / очная / intramural

Оқу мерзімі / Срок обучения 4 жыл года / years (2018-2022)

Aims of education in specialty 5B011300-Biology

The main aims of education in specialty 5В011300-Biology are:

- formation of fundamental knowledge, skills and competencies required in professional activity;

– language training;

- formation of ecological, physical and ethical, legal culture and culture of thinking;

- formation of universal and socio-personal importance;

- education in the spirit of patriotism, friendship of the peoples of Kazakhstan, tolerance, respect for different cultures, traditions and customs.

1. List of qualifications and positions

The graduate of this educational program is assigned the "Bachelor of education" academic degree.

Bachelors of education in accordance with the Standard qualification characteristics of teaching positions and persons equated to them, approved by order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 13, 2009 № 338 without presenting requirements for work experience as a specialist of the highest level of qualification without a category may hold positions:

- teacher of biology

- university professor of biology

2. Qualification characteristics of the educational program’s graduate

2.1 Field of professional activities

Bachelor in 5B011300-Biology carries out professional activities in the field of education.

Level of qualification by НРК – 6.

2.2 Objects of professional activity

Objects of professional activity ofbachelor in 5B011300-Biology are:

– secondary education organizations of all types, irrespective of the type of ownership or departmental status;

– organizations of technical and professional education.

2.3 Objects of professional activity

Objects of the professional activity of graduate are training, education by using the new tools and methods, etc.; the new research methods, equipment, materials, etc.; managerial: modern office equipment, communication skills, knowledge of responsibilities, etc.


2.4 Types of professional activity

Bachelor of education in the specialty 5B011300-Biology can perform the following professional activities:

– training (pedagogical);

– educational;

– technological;


– project;

– organizational;

– production and management;

– socio-pedagogical;

2.5 Functions of professional activity

Functions of professional activity ofbachelor in 5B011300-Biology are:

– training;

– educational;

– vocational orientation;

– research.