November 21, 2018 according to the approved program of arrival of doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Slavomir Kachmarek from the University of Kazimir the Great in wksu.M. Utemisov at the Department of biology and ecology, a group of scientists in structure - dB.N., Professor S. Kaczmarek, D. SC.N., Professor Darbaeva I.e., C.b.N., associate Professor Sarsenova B. B., senior lecturer, master Dzhangazieva B. J., the staff of the Ural anti-plague station Tandowsky V. A., S. H. Kusherbayev, the postgraduates of the specialty 6M060800 –Ecology Berdalieva A., Timashev E., a student majoring 5V011300-Biology Muradin J. made an excursion to the January forestry to study the soil, soil biota, fungi, flora and fauna of floodplain ecosystems.

Moderator: D. b.N., Professor Darbaeva T.E