November 16 at the faculty of natural geography, Department of biology and ecology was organized a round table on " Ways to preserve and restore the biodiversity of the Northern Caspian»

The round table was attended by doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Slawomir Kaczmarek from Casimir the Great University (Poland, Bydgoszcz), employers – experts from the Urals anti-plague station, as well as the faculty of the Department.

The purpose of the round table is to coordinate research in the study of biodiversity of the Northern Caspian.

The opening speech was made by the head of the Department of biology and ecology Ph. D., associate Professor Alzhanova B. S.: the Concept of "biological diversity" covers the full range of aspects of the manifestation of living objects. The current threat of the disappearance of many elements of living systems, especially species and their entire complexes can also lead to the loss of unique structures and processes at different levels of the organization. All this makes it possible to attribute the problem of biodiversity conservation to the category of the most significant global problems of our time. Currently, the following research areas are relevant:

    New approaches to the study of biodiversity.
    Biogeographic analysis of different components of biota.
    Structural diversity and methods of its study.
    Approaches to biodiversity conservation and restoration.
    Invasive species as a threat to biodiversity.