Head of the department of geography:

Galimov Miras Amangeldievich

PhD in of geographical sciences, associated professor

Reception hours for personal matters:

Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (auditory 21),

Wednesday 15:00-16:00 (auditory 21)

Adress of the department: 090000 Uralsk city, Dostik avenue 121, University building №5, auditory 21;

Phone number: 8 (7112) 50-35-49; E.T.: 15

E-mail: heritage_mir@mail.com

WhatsApp: +7-747-191-86-10



Implementation of educational programs 5В011600 "Geography", 5В060900 "Geography" and 6М011600 "Geography" is carried out in accordance with the mission of the university and determines the preservation and augmentation of scientific, educational and educational traditions one of the first departments of geography of the Republic of Kazakhstan, founded in 1938 in the walls one of the oldest universities in Kazakhstan, on the basis of Eurasian ideas of intercultural dialogue and national accord, allowing the Department of Geography of the West Kazakhstan State University after M. Utemisov to be the leading center in the Western region of geographical education.


The purpose of the educational and educational activities of the Department of Geography is:

Prepare highly qualified specialists - teachers of geography, geographers-researchers and masters of pedagogical sciences with a specialization in Geography.


At the Department of Geography specialists are trained in two areas: educational - a geography teacher with an additional specialization "Tourism" and a natural-science geographer-explorer with an additional specialization "Teaching geography in English."