• Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Pedagogical Sciences
  • Profile - Master of Education


Program: 6М011200-Chemistry

Level of study: Master

Examinations: foreign language (test), entrance examination in the specialty (in writing)

Full-time form of education

Duration of study: 2 years

Master in the direction of training "Chemistry" is preparing for the following types of professional activity:

  • pedagogical (in schools, colleges and universities);
  • research (in universities, research institutes for education, academies, etc.);
  • managerial (director and director of studies of secondary vocational schools, district, gorono, oblon, MES RK, etc .;
  • methodological (methodologists of the special educational institutions, district, gorono, oblon, etc.);
  • cultural and educational (in the houses of education, palaces of schoolchildren and students, publishing houses and editors of chemical journals, etc.).

Profile items:

  • Methodology and modern technologies of teaching general and inorganic chemistry;
  • Modern physical methods in chemistry;
  • Remote technologies in teaching chemistry;
  • Redox processes;
  • Complexation reactions;
  • Experimental chemistry in high school;
  • Tasks in the course of chemistry of higher education;
  • Didactic chemistry;
  • Modern teaching and methodical complexes (CMD) in chemistry.

The advantages of education:

  • At all times and among all nations, teachers have enjoyed a well-deserved honor, respect, and, if you will, reverence. Such a special attitude on the part of the public to this profession is primarily due to the fact that it is the teachers who can have the greatest influence on the formation of the worldview, moral standards and intellectual abilities of the younger generation, and therefore of the whole society; Therefore, the main advantage of the profession of a teacher, of course, is constant communication with a large number of people and awareness of involvement in the formation of society.

tremendous opportunities for self-improvement and self-realization;

The presence in the labor market of many popular professions that require a high level of communication skills and a stable moral and moral basis;