As part of the open Day at the West Kazakhstan state University. M. utemisova March 30, 2018 held a professional orientation meeting with students of the region.

Where each faculty and departments, including natural geography held meetings and agitation conversation.

Department of geography presented a 2 major the bachelor by training: 5B011600 - Geography (teaching), 5B060900 – Geography (research).   

They also talked about the opportunities and benefits of our graduates receiving an academic degree – bachelor of geography.

Sphere of professional activity:

    production sphere;
    management sphere;
    research and education;
    environmental monitoring service;
    quality control of the natural environment and human health.

Students majoring in geography have the opportunity to study under the program of academic mobility in Russia (Orenburg, Ufa, Elista, Perm, Ulyanovsk), far abroad (Poland, USA, Germany) and in the cities of Kazakhstan (Aktobe, Almaty, etc.).

Interested participation of students in Republican Olympiads, international geographical tournaments, far zonal integrated practices and tourist boat trips.

Also, students of geography can participate in scientific expeditions and become a member of the Kazakhstan national Geographic Society.

Student scientific circles, interesting student social life and dedications of 1 cadet in geographers.

Acquainted with the teaching staff of the Department of geography:

    Amelchenko V. I. - associate Professor, PhD
    Tereshchenko T.-associate Professor, Ph. D.
    Galymov M. A., associate Professor, candidate of science, head.departments
    Saharova Z. Y. - associate Professor , candidate of biological.N.
    Hogenova B. H. – senior lecturer, master
    Shkurinsky, senior lecturer, master's Degree
    Iskaliev D. Zh. - senior lecturer, master
    Turgumbaev A-senior lecturer, master
    After E. E. - senior lecturer, master
    Zharmagambetov N. With. – lecturer , master
    Khairulina K. K.-teacher, master
    Abdusheva G. Zh. - teacher
    Imashev E. Zh. - doctor PHD.
    Khalilova R. A. – lecturer, master
    Kayrlieva G. E. – lecturer

As well as listing the main teaching of the science of natural-geographical faculty, specialty geography wksu them. M. Utemisov:


    General geography
    Geography of continents and oceans
    Regional geography
    Cartography and basics of topography
    Landscape science
    Local lore
    Tourism tactics
    Population geography
    Natural science

Teacher Iskaliev D. J. during the meeting with students was held the presentation of the measuring instruments that are used by students in field practice.