February 23, 2017 in accordance with the plan of career guidance of the Department of biology and ecology for 2017-2018 academic year, at the Department of natural geography faculty was held subject Olympiad on the subject of "Biology" among students of 11 classes of secondary schools of the city of Uralsk and surrounding areas. In total, 52 students of urban and suburban schools took part in the Olympiad.

The jury of the Olympiad was approved by the order of the Dean of the faculty. Chairman of the jury, candidate of agricultural Sciences... associate Professor Rosanova p.m., members of the senior teacher, master of S. Dzhangazieva.D.... teachers, masters, And Armecas.D., Ualiahmetova.N., And Sarsenova.Newton. . The Olympiad consisted of theoretical (test) and practical parts (figure 1).

At the end of the Olympiad the first place took the student of the 11th class of the school №25 of Uralsk Galiya Muratova, the II place-pupil of school № 17 Kadinov Aslan and the pupil of school №16 Zakharov Ilya, the III place-pupil of school № 27 M. Pupils of school-gymnasium №34 Kumacheva Ayaulym, the pupil of school-Lyceum №35 Timur Ualiyev. Letter of thanks awarded Popova Elena SOSH №3, Bisengaliyev Alina SOSH No. 32, Aidaralieva Asel school № 40. All participants of the Olympiad were awarded certificates (table. 1).

Оқушының аты-жөні

Мектептің атауы


Алғыс хат


Мұратова Ғалия


І орын



Каденов Аслан


ІІ орын



Захаров Илья


ІІ орын



Каменов Бекзат

№27 М.Маметова атындағы физика-математика бағытындағы мектеп лицейі

ІІІ орын



Камахаева Аяулым

№34 мектеп-гимназиясы

ІІІ орын



Уалиев Тимур

№35 мектеп-лицейі

ІІІ орын



Попова Елена



алғыс хат


Бисенгалиева Алина



алғыс хат


Айдангалиева Асель  



алғыс хат

letter of thanks hut


Figure 1. During the Olympics

At the Department of "machines and apparatus of food production" was held a seminar on "wise and outstanding figure." In addition, associate Professor, PhD.N., associate Professor of the Department V. V. p. Master class tubeway Alma's Uahitovna English "DNA extraction" (Fig.2).


Figure 2. Scenes from the master class


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