Over 50 years, Nina Konstantinovna Cherevatova, c.c.s., associate professor, professor of the WKSU devoted herself to the native Alma-Mater. She has passed the long and fruitful path of a highly professional teacher and mentor of many hundreds of chemical teachers. Nina Konstantinovna's scientific activity is devoted to the problems of organic chemistry, bio-geo-analysis of natural objects in the West Kazakhstan region. Candidate thesis had a direction on synthesis and stereochemistry of chemical reactions of biologically active substances with antiviral and anti-tuberculosis activity, for which 2 copyright certificates were obtained.

Since 1996 she has been in charge of the Department of Chemistry for over 11 years. Organized and conducted under her leadership, chemical and technological practices in the expanses of the former Soviet Union greatly expanded the horizons of students and prepared them for future professional activities. Industriousness in combination with high demanding - these are traits that go through the fundamental thread through all of her life. During the work of N.К. Cherevatova textbooks on organic chemistry in several parts have been published, 3 electronic textbooks on organic chemistry, "Practical work on organic chemistry", "Workshop on ecotoxicology", "Workshop on bio-geo-analysis of natural objects", as well as 2 monographs on organic chemistry.

On the day of the jubilee, the staff of the West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemisova, expresses gratitude and wishes you good health, family well-being, vivacity for many years and further creative success in scientific and pedagogical activity.