On September 19, 2017 at 10: 30 am in the main building of wksu was organized a sports festival among 1st year students. The purpose of the Olympics: M. 85th anniversary wksu them. Utemisov
- Improving the skills of athletes
- Promotion of healthy lifestyles
- Team building among students
As a result of the games, the faculty of natural geography won prizes.
1-place.Dart.(girls B\a) Izimbetova araylym group B-13
2 place.Darts (boys in/to) Shah Erkebulan
The 3rd place.Arm wrestling (d\and girls)Artaeva Madina X-13
2 place .Table tennis (d\and girls) Bissenov Albina-11
The 3rd place.Togyzkumalak (d\and girls)have Mukabarali Aruzhan B-15
1-place.Chess (d\and girls) Toyby Karlygash X-11
The 3rd place.Chess.(girls b\a) Ahmadullina ASEM B-11

Activists of the faculty of natural geography