With the participation of the Methodist city cultural and educational enterprises of religion, the theologian of the public Fund "Amanat-Zhaiyk" Kistaubaeva Muratbek of Mukhtarkhanova.At West Kazakhstan state University.Utemisov held a meeting on " security is the key to stability."During the meeting it was told about " science theology: "Theology, as a concept, is found in the writings of Plato before the arrival of the Christian religion.Plato used this concept in connection with mythology,which is analyzed by the philosophical worldview, even if it was not used in his God's teaching.Then the term theology was used in relation to the poems of Homer, Hesiod, Orpheus and called them theologian.At the heart of theology is a metaphysical force,a powerful belief that it is a priori,that is, not experience.In accordance with the General mentastics religious principles the term theology is used in contemporary Islamic studies as an alternative to the concept ilahita.That is, God in the revelation of theology -today in Astana under the chairmanship of the Supreme mufti Erzhan Khadzhy malgazhyuly has held the first meeting of the group of translators, theologians, created at the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan.At the end of the meeting, students of the faculty of natural geography asked questions and received comprehensive answers.

Activists of the faculty of natural geography