In the specialty 5B060800-Ecology
Structure of lessons held at the production base on the subject " environmental education and knowledge of the world»

"Knowledge of the world and environmental education "in order to form the basis of environmental subject of technological actions, SCCP" Regional biological center " on the basis of practical training.
Technological basis of care for plants and animals :
1.General provisions Aquariums, cultural birds, care of indoor vegetation
2. Ecological-regional activity of students.
3. Care for fish in the aquarium.
4. The content of decorative birds.
5. Types of houseplants, homeland, care for them.
Conducting Botanical and Zoological studies of the area:
6. Census of animals and plants.
7. Acquaintance with species of animals and plants found in WKO
8. The characteristic vegetation of West Kazakhstan region.
9. The list of plants listed in the Red book of Kazakhstan.
10. Feeding of animals.
11. The means of nesting.