Senior expert Dr. pHD, Professor of the Munster Institute Hans-Dieter Barke (Germany)

Department of chemistry

In the period from 04.02-22.02.2017, the cluster "Chemistry" includes 5 specialties: 5B011200-chemistry (educational), 5B072100-Chemical technology of organic substances, 5B072000-Chemical technology of inorganic substances, 5B060600-Chemistry (scientific), 6M011200-Chemistry (master's degree), within the project SES invited senior expert doctor pHD, Professor of the Institute of Munster Hans-Dieter Barke (Germany).

The Senior Experts service (SES) is the German economic Foundation for international cooperation, a leading public organization in Germany, which brings together retired professionals and managers who provide Advisory services on a voluntary basis. The purpose of this project is - to provide methodological and didactic assistance in the organization of lectures and workshops to improve the skills of teachers of the Department of chemistry.

Dr. Hans-Dieter Barke attended classes of teachers and faculty: doctor of chemistry, Professor Mendalieva D. K. "Methods of teaching chemistry in higher school" (lecture), senior lecturer, Seaway G. B. "History of chemistry" (lecture), "Methods of teaching chemistry" (lecture, seminar), Visits to classes by a Professor of chemistry Soloway A. J. "Professionally-oriented foreign language", "Analytical chemistry", "Rules of writing equations of chemical reactions. Tires of chemical reactions " (lecture)," Titration and titrimetric methods " (laboratory session). Along with this, Dr. Hans repeatedly visited Nazarbayev intellectual school, participating in the round table "Main problems of multilingualism", at lessons on chemistry, etc., however, participated in various events under the methodical week of the faculty of "Multilingualism - one of the basic directions of modern education", for example at a methodical seminar "Kptlt Bilim berude innovately deter", etc.

For the period of stay at the Department of chemistry Dr. Hans-Dieter Barke conducted a series of workshops and seminars for students and undergraduates majoring 5B011200-Chemistry, 5B072100-CTOS, 5B072000-CTIS, 5B060600-Chemistry, 6M011200-Chemistry on topics: Misconceptions in chemistry, the Theory of Branstad, the Theory of acids and bases, Introduction to chemistry.Grade 7, Worksheet, “Acid/base + Red/Ox”, Methodology of teaching chemistry for university students, History of chemistry, Didactics of chemistry, etc. Along with this, participated in various extracurricular activities devoted to cultural and national traditions of Kazakhstan.