Faculty of natural geography

Dean: Turgumbayev Akhan Askarovich master of economic Sciences, senior lecturer

Reception hours for personal matters:

Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (auditory 3),

Thursday 15:00-17:00 (auditory 3)

Address of the deanery: 090000 Uralsk city, Dostik avenue 121, University building №5, auditory 3;

Phone number: 8 (7112) 50-35-49;

E-mail: akan.86@mail.ru

WhatsApp: +7-702-790-37-97



Deputy Dean for academic work: senior lecturer, master Aimanov Ersn Erdenova

Deputy Dean for educational work: lecturer, master Abdulov Baktiyar the G.

Secretary of the faculty: Nurasheva S. A.

Address: 121 Dostyk Ave., 3 room.

Phone: 8(7112)50-35-49, 8(7112)260373

Mission: the use of intellectual, information and material resources for the training of specialists in natural Sciences.

Objectives: to ensure the successful process of training, education and development of the student's personality as a future specialist.

Main activity:

- preparation of competent-oriented bachelors and masters in the specialties of the faculty;

- the use of innovative scientific and pedagogical methods in teaching;

- active involvement of students and masters in research activities;

- organization and improvement of the work of the branches of the departments in the framework of career guidance;

- implementation of a unified policy in the field of ecology and quality management system.

The leading departments of the faculty of natural geography are:

    Department of biology and ecology;

    Department of geography;

    Department of chemistry.


     The history of the faculty. In the beginning, the faculty was called "Biological Department", which was established since the organization of the University in 1932. In October 1934 the Department was reorganized into the faculty. In 1938. the faculty was renamed the "Natural faculty," the Dean has appointed M. I. Aunapu (1938-39), and later – A. L. Jadraliyev (1939-41).  In 1938. organized by the Department of chemistry (M. I. Kozlovsky) and botanists (V. V. Ivanov). Created a new faculty of geography Dean of which up to 1942. was G. E. Moskalev.

In 1940. the geographical Department of the Teachers ' Institute was reorganized into the natural-geographical, but left as a part of the geographical faculty.

In 1941. peaceful work was interrupted. From the first days of the war staff and faculty, including the Dean of the faculty A. A. jadraliyev, M. I. Aunapu, V. N. Kochanov, G. E. Moskalev and others went to the front. Departments of the faculty United again in one common, "natural Sciences", headed by its Assoc. E. M. Fomina, and since 1943. - V. V. Ivanov. This Department existed until 1946.

At the end of the war, the Dean of the faculty of geography was appointed N. E.Jealous.

In 1951. merged the natural and geographical faculty in a "Natural-geographical»

From 1965 to 1968. the faculty was headed by kand. PED. L. G. Zavadskaya, who fully showed organizational skills.

Since 1966. the faculty opened the second Department of "Biology-chemistry", and since 1971. his profile changed to chemistry -- biology. With the opening of the Department in 1967., again organized an independent Department of chemistry, its head until 1979. was G. Potlova.

In 1968. General the Department of geography is divided into two. The Department of economic geography was in charge of G. E. Moskalev, in its composition worked Sarsengaliev G. D., K. T. Turashev, L. I. Kazakova, L. N. Il'ina, N. N. Ulyanov, D. M. Chernyshev, A. N. Bigosova, T. P. Vladimirova

The Department of geography headed by V. I. Voropinov (1968-70), K. A. Lee (1970-80), in its composition - A. I. Parfenov, N. P.Trufanov, L. F. APB, Z. G. Mukhtarova, T. N. Volyntsev, Z. G. Vorobiev, K. T. Maznitsina

In 1968. Dean of the faculty elected Petrenko, who led him to 1973g., prior to transfer to the position of Vice-rector for academic Affairs, which he held, with a short break, until 1996.

The Department of Zoology was headed by L. G. Zavadskaya (1969-79).

The faculty was headed by E. A. Griban (1979-83), V. G. Griban (1989-83), A. T. Shuinshaliev (1983-84), N. K. Batyrshina (1984-86), V. L. Melnikov (1986-87), L. Melnikov (1987-92). Of the six departments of the faculty was created three: geography (head.the Department Galimov A. G.), botany and chemistry (head of.Department of Petrenko), Department of Zoology, anatomy, physiology of humans and animals (head.the Department of Melnikov V. L.).

In subsequent years, the deans of the faculty was A. B. Baktygulov (1992-93), L. A. Baydulov (1993-94), P. V. Stout (1994-96), Pankina M. N. (1996-99), S. K. Ramazanov (1999-2000), mendybaev E. H. (2000-04), Karagoishin J. M. (2005-10), Medeshova A. B. (2010-12), niyazbekova A. B. (2012).

The teaching staff of the faculty takes an active part in the development of contractual topics and participation in tenders: through the MOE RK, MES RK, "KPO b.in." Regional management of natural resources. In the implementation of these projects involved the teachers of the faculty Darbaeva I.e., Mendalieva D. K., Baygulova L. A., Results of G. S. Bulatov, K. B., Alzhanova B. S. niyazbekova A. B. Research conducted by the faculty members meet prioritetnym directions of development of fundamental and applied scientific research of Kazakhstan.

Since its Foundation, the faculty has organized research expeditions of faculty and students, long-term integrated practices. Conducted at the faculty of research allowed to create a Museum of Zoology and ecology, Museum of Mineralogy, geographical area and testing laboratory of ecology and biogeochemistry and a unique herbarium Fund, which is included in the list of "Herbarium of the USSR" and registered in 2002 at the University of Cambridge. Scientists from Germany, Spain, Poland, Russia and other countries come to work with the herbarium.

Teachers of the faculty keep in touch with many universities, research institutes of Russia (Zoological Institute, Botanical Institute. Komarova (St. Petersburg), Institute of steppe (Orenburg), MSU M. V. Lomonosov, Bashkir state University, Stavropol state University, Botanical garden (Madrid Spain); Hatinhensis University (Gettingen, Germany).

The faculty has undergone several reorganizations during its existence. In the 2012-2013 academic year, the faculty received its original name.

At present, the faculty has a testing laboratory of ecology and biogeochemistry, educational laboratories of chemistry, biology and geography that meets the latest requirements. The faculty are real experts in their field – professors of the Department of chemistry, biology and ecology of D. K. Mendalieva D. H. SC., ie Darbaeva d.b.N., A. R. D. Rusanov agricultural Sciences, associate Professor candidate of chemical Sciences N. To.Cherevatova, C.b.N. Taubaev A. U., candidate of geographical Sciences V. I., Amelchenko, Ph. D. M. A. Galimov, K. A., T. A. Tereshchenko, K. b.N. Z. Y. Sakharnova, Ph. D. Kunasheva Z. H., C.b.N. G. S. Results and many others.

Professional teachers have grateful students-students of the faculty. Adopting the experience of their mentors, students strive to constantly improve their knowledge. Each student group can boast that it is trained quite a large number of honors. Students of the faculty in addition to training activities are actively involved in the social life of the University – they are engaged in singing and dancing in the student club, are members of the construction team and "Zhasyl El". Student deans are actively involved in the organization and conduct of various educational and sports activities. Every year EGF students take part in University-wide events, such as "Dedication to students", "Competition of the best students-teachers", "Student spring", the Spartakiad of health and many others, often taking prizes.

The faculty is famous not only for these students but also its alumni, among them I. Tasmagambetov, I. Tarasenko, W. Kospanov, O. Zhumakhanov and others.

The development of research work contributes to the cooperation of departments of the faculty with research centers:

- cooperation with research institutes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazNU al-Farabi, near and far abroad (Institute of botany and Phytointroduction of CBI MES RK, Institute of Zoology, Institute of physiology, Institute of botany RAS, Institute of steppe, Ural branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Botanical garden of Madrid);

- cooperation with Universities abroad (Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Saratov, Orenburg);

- cooperation with Universities abroad (Germany, Poland, Turkey, USA).

Participation in projects and contractual works:

- Work with contractual works with KPO b.in.;

- The Ministry of environmental protection;

- Ministry of education and science;

- Ministry of agriculture;

- Participation in international expeditions to study the flora and fauna of the Urals with leading scientists from Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

Teachers of the faculty actively participate in scientific conferences, publish and review articles in foreign scientific journals.


Currently, the faculty of natural geography trains students in the specialty of bachelor's degree:

5B011200 – Chemistry

5B060600 - Chemistry

5B072000-Chemical technology of inorganic substances

5B072100-Chemical technology of organic substances

5B011600 - Geography

5B060900 – Geography

5В012900 – Geography-History


5B060800 - Ecology


Master's degree:

6M011200 - Chemistry

6М011600 - Geography

6M060800 - Ecology