Faculty of natural geography

Dean: Turgumbayev Akhan Askarovich master of economic Sciences, senior lecturer

Reception hours for personal matters:

Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (auditory 3),

Thursday 15:00-17:00 (auditory 3)

Address of the deanery: 090000 Uralsk city, Dostik avenue 121, University building №5, auditory 3;

Phone number: 8 (7112) 50-35-49;

E-mail: akan.86@mail.ru

WhatsApp: +7-702-790-37-97



Deputy Dean for academic work: senior lecturer, master Aimanov Ersn Erdenova

Deputy Dean for educational work: lecturer, master Abdulov Baktiyar the G.

Secretary of the faculty: Nurasheva S. A.

Address: 121 Dostyk Ave., 3 room.

Phone: 8(7112)50-35-49, 8(7112)260373

Mission: the use of intellectual, information and material resources for the training of specialists in natural Sciences.

Objectives: to ensure the successful process of training, education and development of the student's personality as a future specialist.

Main activity:

- preparation of competent-oriented bachelors and masters in the specialties of the faculty;

- the use of innovative scientific and pedagogical methods in teaching;

- active involvement of students and masters in research activities;

- organization and improvement of the work of the branches of the departments in the framework of career guidance;

- implementation of a unified policy in the field of ecology and quality management system.

The leading departments of the faculty of natural geography are:

    Department of biology and ecology;

    Department of geography;

    Department of chemistry.